Imagen Lubuntu and orange pi + 看全部

Hello friends, I have a micro SD 16GB and this is the picture before recording the image of Lubuntu

This photo is after recording the image

It is normal to have 36 MB to 49 MB available. When originally it had 14.4 GB

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and how many partitions?

  • Bench fritz
  • 2015-5-20 03:19:36
Trash your windows and use linux!

windows can only "see" the fat partition.
  • Floor tokka
  • 2015-5-21 18:37:53
If you wanna manage ext partition with windows, you have to use this:
quote: t3l3m4k0 replied at 2015-5-20 02:50
and how many partitions?

5 particiones
It is normal for me these values lubuntu image?
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