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tarkshya 看全部
2017-4-5 11:29:39
Does the 2G-IOT support any CSI camera and LVDS LCD or it has to be of some make/model ? does orange pi sell them separately ? I couldn't find anything on their slow website. Any links would be helpful.

aaminotti 看全部
2017-4-23 17:47:29
I interested too in this questions.
hamid 看全部
2017-5-7 11:09:04
Anybody know the answer?
tpickle 看全部
2017-5-10 06:06:22
Im interested too. Started a thread for touchscreen support. Webcam would be nice feature for my project.
tgeorgebogdan 看全部
2017-8-1 16:39:39
Edited by tgeorgebogdan at 2017-8-1 16:41

Related to LCD support i can share my experience until now.
I bought from aliexpress the LCD recommended for Orange Pi IoT(see here) and the  results are:
For Android you need to upgrade the system by using Toolschain utility witch you can find on Orange pi Download Center. After that that the LCD works great with touch support also.
For Linux there are some issues because just the backlight will work. i've used Ubuntu and Raspbian Images, and we also compiled another Linux image using sources on the Orange Pi Download Center . Even if you add all the supported modules related to ILI9xxx LCD Driver that you find in the Linux Source code you won't be able to make this LCD work.
After Booting Linux if you write in console "dmesg | grep lcd" you'll get:

root@OrangePi:~# dmesg | grep lcd
[    0.382934] <rda_msys>: pid = 11, v_lcd: ext_len = 0
[    0.383972] v_lcd: 1800 <--> 2800 mV at 2800 mV normal standby
[    0.643676] rda_fb_probe_panel lcd panel'name(mcu_ili9806g) doesn't match of cmdline!
[    0.644531] ERROR no lcd panel driver init
[    0.645019] rda_fb_probe_panel lcd panel'name(mcu_ili9806g) doesn't match of cmdline!
[    0.894042] v_lcd: incomplete constraints, leaving on

If you remain in UBoot and you write "setenv extraboardargs mcu_ili9806g derp" ("derp" is some rubbish because it seems that the function related to ILI9806g driver waits other parameters) and after that you start booting linux by writing "boot", if you write again "dmesg | grep lcd" you'll get:

root@OrangePi:~# dmesg |grep lcd
[    0.305664] <rda_msys>: pid = 11, v_lcd: ext_len = 0
[    0.306701] v_lcd: 1800 <--> 2800 mV at 2800 mV normal standby
[    0.566406] lcd mcu_ili9806g is selected

The only thing is that the screen doesn't work.
I found out that you can get more info about the frame buffer (witch is related to the video driver) if you write "fbset -s" you'll get:

root@OrangePi:/dev# fbset -s

mode "480x800-260"
    # D: 100.000 MHz, H: 208.333 kHz, V: 260.417 Hz
    geometry 480 800 480 800 16
    timings 10000 0 0 0 0 0 0
    rgba 5/11,6/5,5/0,0/0

The resolution seems to be good but nothing is displayed.
I think that something is missing and hope that in near future will get this LCD to work in Linux, including touch screen support.
Thank you.


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