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2015-5-21 18:05:04
Edited by P.I.Joe at 2015-5-21 12:15

Hello there!

One of the projects i wanted to make is to let the Orange Pi tweet some things.
If you like u can visit https://twitter.com/orangepiforum to see what my Orange Pi is twittering.

If you like to make your Orange Pi sending tweets to, you can download the Python files at:


And for everyone making a website about orange pi: Dont hesitate to send me your link. I will make my Opi tweet it!
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2015-5-22 03:29:51
Edited by OrangePiLinux at 2015-5-22 03:35

My web-site is :

It is addressed at Ukrainian users.

Can you explain more in details what you mean by Orange Pi could make tweets? It has linux running from memory card and on Linux runs Tweeter client which makes tweets?

Like can you explain what exactly you have done in order your Orange PI could make tweets?
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2015-5-22 19:21:53
Actually Orange Pi Twitter Bot mentioned your site just yesterday.

To make your pi tweet we will have to install twython, a python framework for use with twitters api. Of course we need a twitter account and an own api number.
My Orange Pi is running raspian. I took the following steps to make it work. I had a twitter account before.
In terminal type in


  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt-get upgrade
  3. sudo apt-get install python-pip
  4. sudo easy_install pip
  5. sudo pip install twython

In my github files you have to insert your api strings.
Your pi is ready to post tweets now.

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