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Marciano 看全部
2017-4-26 05:08:01

A greeting to all from Pamplona (where the bulls run through the streets).

My profession is computer science, my hobby the Arduino, and now I bought an Orange Pi Plus 2e ...
tpickle 看全部
2017-5-10 05:39:49
Welcome Marciano from Pamplona.  I am new here as well, what projects are you involved in?
Marciano 看全部
2017-5-11 17:53:05
Hi tpickle

Especially projects related to IoT and Home Automation. I have some projects made with Arduino that I think they could improve with a minipc, although I find it somewhat limited by the lack of analog inputs.
tpickle 看全部
2017-5-13 09:38:40
Analog inputs on a minipc or that of a Arduino?

I have seen videos/diagrams where you create I2c BUS to add additional inputs/outputs.
Marciano 看全部
2017-5-16 02:41:14
Arduino already has analog inputs, but Orange / Raspberry Pi does not. They are useful for certain types of sensors (atmospheric, current, etc.).

I2C or SPI buses are a possible solution; Another, to use an Arduino as an analog input manager and connect it to a minipc through one of these buses or directly through a serial port.

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