Orange Pi Plus 2 schematics 看全部

Good day everyone!
I'm wondering, where can I download the schematics for Orange Pi Plus 2? There's no information on the site about this model, but I need the schematics in order to continue development of linux support for it.
So, is it possible to get OPi+2 schematics anywhere? It's "opensource"...If (on site) you're saying that "you can do a lot of things because Orange Pi Plus 2 is opensource" then can you provide these "opensource"?
  • Sofa admin
  • 2017-5-31 14:50:24
Hi friend, I am so sorry there is no reply for you.
Since Orange pi plus2 and Orange pi plus are only difference on memory, maybe you could refer to the schematics of plus for plus2.
Hope for your understanding!

I would also like to see schematics of the board as well. Eagle format prefered. Then I could contribute all sorts of things that interface to the boards!
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