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Sod-Almighty 看全部
2017-5-23 05:18:56
How can I detect which model of the Orange I'm using, in software?
bozden 看全部
2017-5-27 03:00:09
Edited by bozden at 2017-5-27 03:07

I use Armbian. In any distro you may check /etc/*-release files...

I use it like this:


  1. [ $(grep -i 'orangepi' /etc/armbian-release) ]      && IS_ORANGEPI=1
  2. [ $(grep -i 'orangepizero' /etc/armbian-release) ]  && IS_ORANGEPIZERO=1
  3. [ $(grep -i 'orangepione' /etc/armbian-release) ]   && IS_ORANGEPIONE=1

Note: There are no standards for these *-release files. So you may like to use if-then-else structures for distro's also.
Sod-Almighty 看全部
2017-6-1 05:09:13
Hi Bozden, and thanks for your reply. However, I'm not looking to detect the distro, I'm trying to detect the hardware. Raspberry Pi boards can be identified by checking the revision value at /proc/cpuinfo, but the Orange Pi devs - in their infinite wisdom - decided to leave that field at 0000 for every board. It's the kind of stupidity I've come to expect from them.
Am I to assume therefore that detecting the board version is literally impossible?
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2022-8-29 18:39:18
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