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2017-6-5 15:15:39
I have a need to use 4-5 UARTS on OrangePI. The only way for now is to use spi2UART board found on ebay. This board uses SPI bus so I'am looking for some example or library for C/C++ on how to use SPI bus on orangepi pc.
Thank you

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2017-6-5 21:40:32
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Hi, can you explain me what you mean? What is ESP12/13?
If I google I can find some module (ESP-13 ESP8266 Serial Wi-Fi Wireless Transceive) + MQTT? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MQTT)..

Is there some example?

I have 5 sensors (for oceanography) with uart output to connect with orangepi and then parse received packages and send over ethernet to some other remote pc...

thank you for any info & idea!


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2017-6-5 19:20:34
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There is a different idea.

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2017-6-6 04:20:47


peterv6i replied at 2017-6-5 21:40
Hi, can you explain me what you mean? What is ESP12/13?
If I google I can find some module (ESP-13  ...

ESP12/13 is a micro controller using ESP8266 chip.
There is many example in the INTERNET.

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2017-6-6 14:27:47
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The problem is that I have limited space in our project.. There are 5 sensors for (oxygen, temperature, salinity, chlorophile, pressure) and all of them have UART output. My job is to read all sensors connected over UART and parse datas and redirect the values in some other format over socket (ethernet) to the "boat" over ethernet (POE) cable...

The idea is to read all uarts over uart2spi board (4 uart input to spi).. the second idea is to use some arduino for this job..

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