Big News! OrangePi 2G-IOT utilize GSM to connect Internet! 看全部

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Hi All friends:
  OrangePi 2G-IOT which base on 2G Modem, people can utilze GSM to connect Internet, Some day ago, it has been a hard work to make it work.
  But now, It's OK we can utilze GSM easily to connect Internel.

  Now, new Image (Ubuntu, Debian and Raspbian) has supported connect Internet via GSM.
  So, this section will introduce how to use OrangePi 2G-IOT Linux distro to connect Internet via GSM.
  We have two way to make it work.
1. Use new Linux distro Image from
      You can follow steps:
      First, we need a SIM card. OrangePi 2G-IOT SIM support list:
quote: Frequency Range: 850,900,1800,1900
Standard: GSM800

I use China Unicom SIM
      Second, Download new OrangePi 2G-IOT Linux distro Image from
         Then, utilze "dd" write Image into SD-card

      Next.  Plug SIM card and SD card  into OrangePi 2G-IOT, then startup....
      Finally, Utilize "wvdial" to connect Internel, such as      
  1. wvdial  Tom &

2. Legacy Linux Image
     The Legacy Linux Image for OragePi 2G-IOT. You can follow steps
     First, startup your linux distro, (now support Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian).
     Install essential tools, such as:         
  1. sudo apt-get install ppp wvdial

     Second, Configure wvdial      
  1. vi /etc/wvdial.conf
    Adding new contents
  1. [Dialer defaults]
  2. ISDN = 0
  3. Modem Type = Analog Modem
  4. Phone = *99***1#
  5. Stupid Mode = 1
  6. Dial Command = ATDT
  7. Modem = /dev/modem0
  8. Baud = 460800
  9. Init1 = AT+COPS=0
  10. Init2 = AT+CFUN=1
  11. Init3 = AT+CGATT=1
  12. Init4 = AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","OrangePi_2G-IOT","",0,0
  13. Init5 = AT+CGACT=1,1
  14. Username = " "
  15. Password = " "
      Configure ppp, such as:               
  1. vi /etc/ppp/peers/wvdial
      Alter contents:
  1.   noauth
  2.   name wvdial
  3.   defaultroute
  4.   replacedefaultroute
   The last, utilize wvdial to connect Internet. such as:               
  1. wvdial Tom &
   Now, you can easily connect Internet.
   *** End ***
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  • 推荐 Armen
  • 2017-6-19 20:51:52
quote: Buddy replied at 2017-6-19 20:47
Write Linux distro into NAND?

Yes, if that posible. Sd card very unstable not all sd card are work and some of them working with problems
  • 推荐 Buddy
  • 2017-6-7 13:59:55
quote: crossmax replied at 2017-6-6 22:43
Weeks ago that happened and it was difficult to find the solution.

I would like to load the OS o ...

I am trying porting WiringPi into OrangePi 2G-IOT, please wait.....
  • Sofa Armen
  • 2017-6-6 15:36:04
Thanks Great job
Thanks for your work, i use gprs in Spain witch iot since 8 weeks:
Now we have problems witch gpio pins, any onfo for this? Thanks
  • 5# Buddy
  • 2017-6-6 18:07:31
quote: surfero75 replied at 2017-6-6 16:17
Now we have problems witch gpio pins, any onfo for this? Thanks

I have a test module for gpio on New Linux image,
you can find in /lib/modules/xxx/kernel/driver/gpio/Non_OrangePi_2G-IOTxxxx.ko
then insmod *.ko
you can find the gpio on /sys/class/gpio_OrangePi/PBX
But, it's a test modules...

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