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sypperpit 看全部
2017-6-7 05:34:36
hi all
where i may install bsd on orange pi zero?
Narly9999 看全部
2017-10-9 19:16:36
You can research into this. I believe this would be correct installer. openBSD will release 6.2 in a few days. Maybe good?

Seems little awareness of BSD?  www.openBSD.org  https://ftp.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/6.1/armv7/INSTALL.armv7

not sure freebsd has image.  
sypperpit 看全部
2018-1-16 05:34:21
it need compile and send image to sd-card
sypperpit 看全部
2018-8-28 05:49:44
Werner 看全部
2018-9-3 03:41:58

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