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ArielQ 看全部
2017-6-16 12:48:47
I want to make a real time animation capture from drawing on paper connecting a camera to the Orange PI.
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yeyeto2788 看全部
2017-8-30 21:05:41
Do you know by any chance what will you be using?

I would strongly recommend using Python and OpenCV


ryanandres 看全部
2022-8-11 15:23:00
An impromptu organization is an independent arrangement of switches (and related has) associated by remote connections - the association of which structure an inconsistent diagram. The switches are allowed to move haphazardly and arrange themselves for arbitrary reasons; consequently, the organization's remote geography might change quickly and unusually. Such an organization might work in an independent style, or might be associated with the bigger Internet working as a half breed fixed/impromptu organization.

gemma 看全部
2022-10-22 17:23:03
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2022-12-7 21:22:38
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