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Hi, everyone!!!

I'm a serious fan of old consoles, and a retro gaming lover!
So, when I see a tiny single board computer (like *zero family), I think "gamingamingaming"...

Okay, wait... I already know what is the capability of Allwinner SoC (and Mali GPU...). Obviously, I don't expect to play Rise of f***ing Tomb Raider at 60 FPS
on 4.8cm x 4.6cm computer (if only...). But you know, except all recents (~> 2001) PC games and consoles of 6th, 7th and 8th gen, you have many thousands games to play!!

So, my objective is: Make a 3d printed mini arcade machine with a Orange Pi Zero 2+ inside.
Why Zero 2+ ? Because he the most tiny and the most powerful (H5 version) sbc of Orange family.
Then, I'll install the Orange version of retropie (see here the fantastic work!  http://www.retrorangepi.org ),
and make it playable with arcade joystick.
I'm not sure if these retropie versions will be compatible with the Allwinner H5 SoC, but if yes, it will be better emulation for PSP and DS (thank to mali 450 GPU!). If not, then I should use the H3 version for better compability...
I already have the 3d models ready to be printed (some problems with my printer, but wiil be fixed soon...). You can see the concept model below:
So? Do you think is it a good and interesting project? Or you think I'm a poor stupid nostalgic addicted to video games?
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  • Sofa Tina
  • 2017-7-18 04:46:27
I voted "3.  Naah. Old games are ugly...", not because old games are ugly.
There is no RetrOrangePI for the H5. Hence the best platform for this would be a H3, a OPI PC or OPI PC+.
  • Bench shim80
  • 2017-7-18 11:17:47
Okay. So I just need to use Orange Pi Zero 2+ H3 version
  • Floor Tina
  • 2017-7-21 18:15:10
quote: shim80 replied at 2017-7-18 11:17
Okay. So I just need to use Orange Pi Zero 2+ H3 version

see on the retrorangepi page for supported boards... link
they only support currently:
  • Banana Pi M2 Plus
  • Beelink X2
  • Orange Pi Lite
  • Orange Pi One
  • Orange Pi PC
  • Orange Pi PC-Plus
  • Orange Pi Plus
  • Orange Pi Plus 2
  • Orange Pi Plus 2e
  • Nano Pi M1

  • 5# shim80
  • 2017-7-28 16:52:58
Orange pi One is almost same size of Opi Zero 2+.
I think he can fit in this project.