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French_Panda 看全部
2017-7-19 03:40:46
Hello Orange Forum !
I'm Benoît, a French student in IT.
I would like create a little weather station with the board " Orange PI 2G-IOT" and several sensors like temperature and pressure.

Why I prefer this board for this project ?...
.... because a weather station must be outside, so with her 2G antenna, this little weather station will be able to send sms with temperature information for example.

Another function of the station would be to send commands according to temperature threshold. For example, if it is too hot, lower the electric blinds.
With this small 2G board, full of possibilities are offered.

In addition, having an orange pi will allow me to introduce this brand in my school. Indeed, Orange pi is very little known in France.

Vote for my Awesome project !

Best Regards,
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hojnikb 看全部
2017-7-21 15:26:44
Looks like a very good idea!
I'm planning on something similar myself for a school project. Mine is going to have mono-crystalline solar panel and battery backup, so it will be self sufficient.

Only thing i need to figure out is what sensors to buy to be compatible with the board.
French_Panda 看全部
2017-7-22 03:53:27


hojnikb replied at 2017-7-21 15:26
Looks like a very good idea!
I'm planning on something similar myself for a school project. Mine is  ...

Hello hojnikb,
Thank you !
Yes a self-sufficient energy system is a good idea !
For the sensors, I just see in the forum that Orange will come out of the sensors compatible with their boards
http://www.orangepi.org/orangepi ... &extra=page%3D1

Best Regards,
bitbank 看全部
2017-9-2 22:17:42
I would recommend the Bosch BME280 I2C temp/humidity/pressure sensor. It's low power, inexpensive and easy to use. I released a C library to talk to it:


sathi.ray 看全部
2017-10-18 12:10:43
its good to introduce orange pi to others... its really affordable and competitive to other boards

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