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sabrina 看全部
2017-7-26 18:22:34
Edited by sabrina at 2017-7-28 03:35

Hello everyone,

I thank the people for this work.

Works well with Orange Pi Pc, I add the remote control and install some plugins.

Orange Pi2 Libreelec 8 Image

add image for Pi Pc, sorry

giaur500 看全部
2018-1-16 04:52:23
Guys, please realize that:
- HW decoding will never work
- anything not working now will never work

This is because Jernej has decided to stop all OPI development and there is no any other person able to continue his work. Nobody has enough konwledge, sadly.

P.S. please stop posting useless builds without hw decoding. Really.
sterium 看全部
2017-7-26 20:56:54
Nothing for opipc?
sabrina 看全部
2017-7-28 03:35:49
it's ok
Qbunjo 看全部
2017-7-28 18:51:28
What are the differences between this version and the previous one (7.0)? I presume, that Kodi 17 doesn't work on this version too?
sabrina 看全部
2017-7-28 19:39:16
It's kodi 17 that works
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