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Blupace 看全部
2015-5-30 16:12:08
Hey all, Im Pace,
Born in Europe, but now live a life travelling.  Currently in China where I am working on developing portable cheap secure communication devices and mesh networks.
Glad to join this group and hope to work with people on here, looking forward to sharing ideas and developing opensouce technology.

RudolfMelton 看全部
2021-10-19 18:47:01
Hi. Who has already had a rest this fall? Where would you advise to fly to rest?
Mraks 看全部
2022-2-18 09:58:41
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bebeloki 看全部
2022-6-9 14:51:39
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IbuProfen 看全部
2022-6-28 19:05:00
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