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finchamp 看全部
2017-8-9 02:01:19
Hello all,
I use RealVNC on my Raspberry Pi's and rely on the cloud function. Has anyone successfully run RealVNC on OPi?

I have the current version of Armbian running on eMMC on a brand new OPi Plus 2E. After installing the RealVNC package for Debian ARM devices, I try to start the VNC server, and get an error that 'libbcm_host.so' could not be found. Any thoughts?

igorpec 看全部
2017-8-9 02:56:12
If you are OK with RDP, then


  1. apt-get install xrdp vnc4server
is all you need to do. Tested.
finchamp 看全部
2017-8-9 22:47:17
Thanks. I have run a couple of other VNCs, but like I said, the cloud function of RealVNC is important to me for several reasons. I have a feeling it's just a matter of adding a library (I think libbcm_host.so is an RPi Raspbian file?), but I don't know. Figured I would ask to see if anyone had already figured this out.
finchamp 看全部
2017-8-9 23:16:02
I contacted RealVNC, and of course they aren't willing to do anything, since this doesn't fall strictly under Debian or RPi.

Which is funny, because they already have distros for both.

I'm sure somebody has already figured this out.
AkiraSensei 看全部
2018-3-3 05:01:50
I use Vino instead which doesn't make a virtual desktop but instead remotely controls the real desktop. Similar to how Windows Remote Desktop works. No audio is transferred, though.

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