Mint with the orange prime? 看全部

has anyone been able to install Mint with the H5?  I know that the Prime hasn't been out very long, and there isn't a lot of users with this board yet.  I am extremely happy with my boards!  I just wished there was more support for them.
I would very much like to have Mint for my OP prime.  if someone has been successful in installing Mint on the H5, please share?  
  • Sofa AD0ND
  • 2019-9-26 02:44:37
I installed the Cinnamon desktop over Armbian Buster but was stuck in software acceleration mode with my OPI PC. Since no 'easy' method I have found yet to enable hardware acceleration it is quite jerky and slow, rendering it almost useless. Looked nice though.
  • Bench Bazzi
  • 2021-10-15 12:22:34
i like your blog. you up to develop your system more. thank you.