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roblad 看全部
2015-5-31 21:23:24

I am from Poland, I got OPi plus, I need to use it for smart home - openhub and my own solution for nodes similar as jeenode - but I mached openenergy monitor and jeenodes , additionally I use different hardware for it, but on RPI that is not efficient enough, I would like to have the best solution and OPI plus looks like the best. I want to boot rasbian or debian, ARCH from emmc or store rootfs there and boot take from SD card - currently no solution for it.
Exaga 看全部
2015-9-19 15:36:47

Orange happens to be my favourite colour


Installation on internal EMMC

  • Install the image on SD Card as described above
  • Boot your Orange PI board from SD Card
  • Run: sudo install_to_emmc

OrangePi En

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