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Blupace 看全部
2015-6-1 12:11:56
I would be more than happy to test installations and software, documenting step by step on procedures, creating installation and user manuals.
I have 10 years experience of producing and interpreting high level technical papers, translating them into documents that users can understand.

I am able to look at and understand technical issue, interface with colleagues and the community providing feedback for future development.
All of this can be uploaded to the orange pi community for the purpose of open source development.
yeyeto2788 看全部
2015-9-15 06:20:26
Edited by yeyeto2788 at 2015-9-15 06:22

I think you are not the only one willing to contribute with the community but it seems that all of our efforts to help others by offering translations and so on are getting nowhere.

Steven it's so busy to answer those requirements of the community for the moment or at least that's what I get from all that silence we are getting from all moderator or whatever they're called.


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