Installing CSI Camera 看全部

I have Orange Pi PC plus which has Debian OS and I want to start CSI camera.Please guide me for that. Do I need to install ow level drivers or not? Is it similar to Raspberry Pi or not?
  • Sofa admin
  • 2017-9-8 16:46:52
Here is what wrote in the user manual:
i Load up driver
sudo modprobe gc2035
sudo modprobe vfe_v4l2
ii Install motion
sudo apt-get install motion
iii Modify configuration
sudo nano /etc/motion/motion.conf
stream_localhost off
iv Create folder for images saving
mkdir ~/motion
v Modify permission
chmod 777 motion
vi Continue modifying configuration
sudo nano /etc/default/motion
vii Boot the server
Sudo /etc/init.d/motion start
Enter the following in browser: localhost:8081
You could check image output from camera.
Besides, you could also refer to this link:

quote: admin replied at 2017-9-8 16:46
Here is what wrote in the user manual:
i Load up driversudo modprobe gc2035sudo modprobe vfe_v4l2ii ...

Thank You ! I have referred user manual. In that at the end of page 30 there is  "8) How to use gc2035 on Linux " written so do I need to execute those command before loading sudo modprobe gc2035sudo modprobe vfe_v4l?
How can I know that my camera is detected ?
very good question seems csi cams are not working on latest armbian and ubuntu