Lubuntu on Sata 看全部

Hello, I have copied the / on a hd sata.
Now I need to change the config of the boot to set root on it.
How Can I do?

  • Sofa piento
  • 2015-6-15 03:51:35
some one could help me?
  • Bench tokka
  • 2015-6-15 08:49:21
Have you made a simple copy/past, or rsync?
To change the root fs go in your boot partition, open uEnv.txt, and change from root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 to root=/dev/sda1
  • Floor piento
  • 2015-6-15 14:14:47
Yep. i have already done rsync. the Problem is That the plus doesn t have uEnv.txt
  • 5# tokka
  • 2015-6-15 15:34:15
I haven't saw the plus os, but you can try to make an uEnv.txt file with the followig string:
save and reboot.
Hope it works