[ORANGE PI 2G IOT] Coding Python through SSH Terminal 看全部

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Hi everybody,

I am getting started with OPi 2G-Iot and just got to install the "python-periphery library" through Wi-Fi connection successfully established but I do not know exactly how to work with the library and the board. I saw on another post code examples but it is not clear for me how I get there or how I get started at all programming Python on OPi 2g IoT. Note: I am using the Ubuntu distro through PuTTy SSH Terminal
I am creating this thread for those who have the same issue as I do and for the ones who have the knownledge to maybe share a step-by-step to get this done smoothly.

Many thanks!


import pxssh
s = pxssh.pxssh()
if not s.login ('localhost', 'myusername', 'mypassword'):
    print "SSH session failed on login."
    print str(s)
    print "SSH session login successful"
    s.sendline ('uptime')
    s.prompt()         # match the prompt
    print s.before     # print everything before the prompt.
#We can also execute multiple command like this:
s.sendline ('uptime;df -h')
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  • Bench Rohit
  • 2018-8-3 14:23:25
I am also having problem in using python-Periphery. I am not able to execute the python code on 2G-iot.
How to compile .c code on orangepi 2G-iot?
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