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Hello Everyone,I am a Student at secondary school and am planning a few projects. I will start with Project 1, which is a National Rail Departure Board. Trains fans will be able to view their station departures with a Python Script using Orange Pi. This would show when their train is due, service information and everything else. This, at the start, will only work in the UK, since I will be using the National Rail API, which will actually feed the data from the National Rail servers to the Orange Pi, where the script will be hosted. However, I may develop something which will extend its usage to other countries. At first, this will only be able to work at the Orange Pi only, however, I will be planning to possibly make the Orange Pi into a cloud server, so that people can use it globally instead of locally. As a student, I think Orange Pi is a way to improve my Python skills and possibly learn other skills and I will be well on the path to being a developer. Another Project, that I will be doing, is a Precision Farming project.
Using Orange Pi, will be a good thing, since it has WiFi and can be used to collect data of temperature, moisture and other data, which will help farmers and people to improve their crops. I showcased this at my local show, as part of a schools competition, and we were very successful, we did a version of this called Aquaponics (if you are not sure about Aquaponics, there is a definition on google). I hope to design a UI which will display the data on the Orange Pi Web Server, which will be very useful and will make it a very easy design concept. I hope to use Orange Pi Win to use this and that I hope to be successful.Feedback on this is very welcome and I hope that this feedback will improve my skills and help construct the future.Regards.

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Seems great!

Thank You for that, I will sure to keep you updated ,thanks.
I like the idea of this, it seems very good and I feel that your Precision Farming project will help people a lot.
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I am a student ...  as a part of our school's competition ... we worked on Aquaponics projects

Hello, our school team participated in the competition last year and we created Raspberry Pi Controlled Aquaponics. Elias Hossain from Daffodil International University supported our idea and helped us with the funding.
Did you use an aquaponics calculator for your projects?