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vegetablu 看全部
2017-12-4 02:28:53
Hello all.
I'm Daniele, and I have a Orange Pi Pc.
I had installed Ubuntu Vivid Mate. I would like programming in C/C++/Java the GPIO port, but I have many problems and I ask to you help.

In python GPIO work. In C, there are the errors.
When I installed the Wiring Pi I had have problems.

I would like reinstall all from the begining.
My finally use is: connect IMU (gyroscope,accelerometer) with OPI.
Can you help me? Thank you.

igorpec 看全部
2017-12-4 02:53:06
vegetablu 看全部
2017-12-4 06:21:42
Edited by vegetablu at 2017-12-4 06:36

I attach a screenshot of my errors.
How can I resolve this?

Thank you
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igorpec 看全部
2017-12-4 13:22:49
I am not the author and I have no idea which system are you using.
nopnop2002 看全部
2017-12-4 17:28:19

When you use Ubuntu,you need pthread library.
cc main.c armbianio.c -lpthread

When you use Debian,you don't need pthread library.
cc main.c armbianio.c

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