PI it's not a cookie - no more lagging 看全部

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Hi, to the World! Happy Holiday!
Support developers!!!

I'm mean it "NO MORE LAGGING"  CHECK this out -> ## https://mega.nz/#F!gRslDSyA!V38QMj8__wT9qPB6hBB_-A ## <-link for OrangePI PC and OrangePI PC2 password: orangepi
AND How it's done.

"How to install Mate"

D.Y.S. for Orange PI PC2 and any other PI based on “armbian”.img. Remember PI it's not a cookie lagging not acceptable!
Gratings. Please support developers.!!! They are done marvelous job! Plase donate at-lise $5 to Armbiam they deserving it. If you being hesitating to bay Orange PI PC or PC2 now is the right Time !!!

Disclaimer: I'm not developer and not a programmer I'm only user.
This “How to” designated to man like me "GUI and SU" or copy and paste.
1) Please read all article to the end before starting commit, and to know when to stop.
2) Mining of > # < is acknowledgment or explanation or option.
3) If you are using XFCE4 and desired to upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10 or 18 it is impassable in different attempts -system end-ups totally broken, and solution for it is to install MATE witch will speed-up PI enormously for micro-board!
From the start you need 4GB SD micro-card (with porpoise to have small size of backup image) on PC;
Armbian Desktop Image from  https://www.armbian.com/download/
@@@ login:root password 1234
and Orange PI << in my instances is Orange PI PC2 > Pleas put heat sink on it 3cm x 3.5cm will be OK>, Assembly don't have Mali450 and focused on stability and usefulness of board.
This assembly of Mate on top of xfce4, and it is not main line Mate from repository as is.{which one is very glitchy and slow}. By the way my favorite app. on PI is KiCAD and FreeCAD. Armbian image came with Swap of 499MB installed. From my observation from HTOP system hanging out (look like Swap is temporary file dump, not a memory expansion?), be cause of it I put additional swap 512MB act as RAM and it relieved the CPU from hanging. Make your experiment and you will see what I'm talking about.

OK lets begin:
Write image to SD card with: in Linux Disks app, Etcher https://etcher.io/ ;windows Win32DiskImager , insert in OPI board and fire the "cracker".

#login:root password 1234
Change root password and create a User (it's YOU) >user and root password can be the same remember IT. as you need it for SU (super user)

At first start plug-in INTERNET "Wifi" and go to  >Armbian config< to activate
network, change Time Zone. etc.
and from now on you will need 'XFCE' Terminal. {Copy and Paste commands in to Terminal}

# To change screen size:
sudo h3disp
[sudo] password for (user):
Usage: h3disp [-h/-H] -m [video mode] [-d] [-c [0-2]]
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install synaptic menu deborphan apt-xapian-index tasksel software-properties-gtk gdebi
sudo apt-get upgrade

It's just a begining of Tutorial --> lockal system not giving chance to post ALL download it from Mega or local

This Images Real Presents More then Me.
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Really hope other users/developers could try your test.