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Dima 看全部
2018-1-17 20:04:52
This is a public notice to everyone.

As there were no developments for OpenELEC in the last 1 year, and it looks like not being maintened anymore, I will discountinue the hosting of the images and update server.

I will however keep the file stored, and upon request for mirror-upload I can provide the files. However the hosting will be discontinued.
It was not an easy decision, but maintenance of the server takes quite a bit of time, and after having 3 cases of a DDOS attack, I decided not to maintain the server anymore.

Thanks for your understanding.

In case the project gets restarted (outside of LibreElec, which has its own server), I will be happy to provide hosting for those images.

giaur500 看全部
2018-2-4 07:10:43
Edited by giaur500 at 2018-2-4 07:12

Please make mirrors Google Disk or Mega. We know there will be no any development anymore, never. But it will be nice to keep already done work. Without it, device is not udable
Psix_anp 看全部
2018-2-7 14:52:35
Down.nu does not work already?
2018-2-8 20:18:29
Also very interested in mirror or google\yandex disk share
Psix_anp 看全部
2018-2-10 03:16:06


MERKATOR replied at 2018-2-8 20:18
Also very interested in mirror or google\yandex disk share


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