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The Orange Pi Zero is a great little concept.  However a major weakness is its very bad WIFI. If the OrangePI hardware devs do a respin, they should consider using a ESP32.  The reason is its actually open source programmable and not locked down like the majority of radios, and would also give Bluetooth in addition to wifi.  Also, if its IO was tied in parallel to the expansion connector with the H2+/H3/H5 it would give the board a real time coprocessor (without needing kernel drivers) and also analog IO capabilities. Its just a suggestion, but a OrangePI zero with a esp32 wireless device would be a killer IOT board. (even if it costs more than $8).
Also in the case of the ESP32 there are a bunch of analog inputs and two dacs so you would get analog capabilities for "free".  They can also interface using sdio to a chip like the H3 so there should be no performance issues.
The biggest problem with most wifi chipsets are they are locked down and undocumented.  At least with the ESP32 (and esp8266) they are reasonably well documented and have strong software communities of their own.  Using  one as a wifi chip would live up to the promise of "open source" but the standard ones just don't.
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