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darthtony 看全部
2018-2-5 23:30:41
Hi to all !
I'm new in this world and i'm searching for help !

i bought an OPI Lite to make a Poker blind Timer ! With my laptop i use POKERDIY blind timer on windows but i can't find anything for linux .
I don't need some web based solution because it happens that i play with friends in place with no internet connection like my farm !

i've tried ddpoker but it doesn't work on ARM, so i don't know what to do because pokerdiy is written in silverlight and it doesn't work on arm ,  kholdem is a good software but MSWindows only and i don't think that OPILITE could use wine ....

So, could anyone help me please ?

P.S. I'm a totaly noob using linux so please if you have a solution could you explain step by step ? thanks !

Thank you to all!
admin 看全部
2018-2-10 15:50:14
Hi friend, as i know that Orange Pi Lite could not support with Windows. Maybe you should try with Linux.
Kassu 看全部
2020-10-16 15:35:14
I don't like cheating in poker. I like playing fair poker with friends or livepoker with real people. Moreover, when you join a good casino you can get a cashback!
okcha 看全部
2020-10-25 08:12:48
Hello fellows! For me, poker is something sacred. My father taught me to be respectful to the game and your opponents, so I don't accept cheating either. But now you can't get together with big companies and play poker, so I also switched to playing online. Where do you play? I prefer https://agenpkv.id/.
AmirMajor 看全部
2022-9-14 02:40:42
Saya tidak berpikir bahwa membeli OPI lite adalah keputusan yang terlalu bagus dalam konteks ini. Akan jauh lebih baik untuk pergi dengan judi bola. Tapi hei, aku mungkin salah juga.

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