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2015-6-12 23:21:17
Edited by zhao_steven at 2015-6-13 07:01

for Orange Pi Plus 1080P@60
How to change the resolution?
First you have burned Lubuntu or Raspbian image to MicroSD card in ubuntu 64bit(host).
Second you use command:
  sudo dd if=u-boot-sun8iw7p1.bin of=/dev/sdb bs=1024 seek=16400
  to upadte u-boot.
Third you copy script.bin to your MicroSD card boot partition /dev/sdb1 or /dev/mmcblk0p1

How convert sys_config.fex to script.bin?
busybox unix2dos sys_config.fex
./script sys_config.fex >/dev/null
mv sys_config.bin script.bin
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piento 看全部
2015-6-13 19:11:41
ok. How can I modify the script sys_config.fex to use the sata as root?
piento 看全部
2015-6-14 18:10:39
UP. please. So i can Install lubuntu on my 2.5 sata.
Dmi_3X3 看全部
2015-6-15 22:42:58
This way will be suitable for OrangePI2mini?
KY69 看全部
2015-6-16 00:38:20


Dmi_3X3 replied at 2015-6-15 22:42
This way will be suitable for OrangePI2mini?

It worked for my Orange Pi 2, for Lubuntu as well as for Raspbian. One strange thing I noticed is that eth0 is not available anymore in Lubuntu. I did not check this on Raspbian. As I mainly use WiFi with my OPi I did not pursue this to find out what happened and if it would be simple or not to fix.

@Steven: script only worked for me on a 64bit OS (openSUSE 13.1). It would be nice to have another version available that would run on 32 bit OSes. Except for this one partition I use for tests, I, for one, run only 32 bit OSes at home. It is very likely that some people would not have a 64 bit OS at hand.

@Steven: I have a rare monitor that has only 1080p. No 1080i, 720[ip], or 480[ip]. When I boot my OPi2 I do not see anything until the login screen, now at 1080p. I looked at the fex file and tried changing hdmi_mode to 10 in [boot_disp], hoping that I would be able to see the OS loading, but that did not happen. Any clues of what I should do in order to see the boot process?


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