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tsmx 看全部
2020-6-25 23:47:28
Is this going to be in the official kernel repo?
davidjohn68 看全部
2022-12-14 14:53:42
Simply add the patch to the sunxi-next kernel's userpatches trap the cat and la times crossword build. It must be applied precisely. For H2+/H3 alone. Although I've only tested it on an Orange Pi Zero, all H2+/H3 boards should be compatible.
luckywin 看全部
2023-3-13 16:29:07
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abel1303 看全部
2023-5-23 11:18:57
This may involve editing the device tree configuration rankdle or kernel command line parameters to enable TVout support and configure the specific video mode or resolution.
emmaorabelle 看全部
2023-7-13 10:59:53
Thank you for sharing the information about forwarding port icenowy's code for TVE on the H2+/H3 to mainline Armbian. It's great to see that you have successfully implemented it and provided a detailed guide for others to follow. pge outage map

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