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derrickyee81 看全部
2015-6-17 18:15:30

Is AP supported in your img?

rupertgti 看全部
2015-6-17 18:51:25
Work on pi plus?
john0815 看全部
2015-6-17 20:56:58

I tried to boot with this image an orangepi plus.
It is starting an recognize the keyboard.

But : it do not recognize LAN connection.

is it possible to give me a solution?

loboris 看全部
2015-6-18 00:36:31
Edited by loboris at 2015-6-18 00:45

  • new version of Ubuntu 15.04 uploaded to Mega
  • some bugs are corrected, framebuffer console works, wi-fi works.
  • it boots to console in 12 sec
  • to enable connecting wifi from command line run: sudo nmcli -a d wifi connect and enter your wifi credentials

Debian image will be updated soon.

You can download the script package to try to build your own installation from Mega (make_linux.tar.gz).
Extract to empty directory, edit params.sh and run create_image.
You must have  qemu-user-static package installed.

loboris 看全部
2015-6-18 00:54:01
iw list reports:
        Supported interface modes:
                 * IBSS
                 * managed
                 * AP
                 * monitor
                 * P2P-client
                 * P2P-GO

@rupertgti, @john0815
I don't have OrangePI PLUS to try...

OrangePi En

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