Linux Distributions for Orange PI H3 boards 看全部

Can anyone try the ubuntu image on OrangepiPlus because of the problem with Ethernet?
Debian jessie image updated.
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Ubuntu and Debian images run quite good, but there is something very strange about them.
Any program which have to access the network (Internet or LAN) must be run as root, to regular user access to network is denied.
If you install the desktop and want to run Firefox e.g. , you have to do it with gksudo firefox, or it won't be able to access the Internet.
I'm working with Linux for decades, and I never had such a problem. I've built similar images for many different arm boards, and all of them worked without problem.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve that problem?
Solved!, thanks jukkas
tomorow I'll upload Ubuntu image built with OrangePI-Plus fex.
I just downloaded your image and wrote it to an sd card.  It boots ok.  But for me, networking doesn't work at all.  (I have an orange pi plus.)

If I do sudu apt-get update I get:
unable to resolve ubuntuMate.
many errors follow.

It tried to get the wireless to work and that does not seem to work either.

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