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_william_ 看全部
2018-3-15 05:42:25
Hi all,

I'm please to announce the availability of new orange pi images for Zero and R1. They are produced by the ArmWizard.org community (french speaking linux embedded community).

The images are available for download from http://dl.armwizard.org for orangepi R1 and orangepi zero

The images are based only on upstream software, and use latest versions :
. Debian 9.4
. Kernel 4.15.9
. u-boot 2018.03

The image itself is minimal, and provides network connexion (DHCP) and shell access through SSH.  Once booted, you can install anything from Debian.

Many more image for different model will be available in the next month. The aim of this community is to provide ressources such as forum and help in french, and provides Debian compatible packages and images, in order to demonstrate the capacity of several tools we develop such as DFT (Debian based embedded system generator).

The website also provides a Debian repository providing the kernel and u-boot used by images. If some of you are interested i'll provide more information about this project.

thanh_tan 看全部
2018-9-20 10:53:19
What is  the different between ArmWizard and Armbian?
_william_ 看全部
2018-3-21 17:27:03
Hi all

Images have been updated to kernel 4.15.11

caviviani 看全部
2018-4-2 12:51:03
Hi , wich is user and password for this image ? I tried with root / orangepi orangepi and not work
_william_ 看全部
2018-4-4 04:46:03

root account has an unknown random password for security reasons, but you can set one once logged in.

There are two default accounts
username: localadmin
password : localadmin

This account is full sudoer without password (use it for first connection to set up a root password, but working with an account different from root is a good practice ;) )

username: local
password : local

Standard user, without privileges

Building of kernel 4.16 is in progress, the image should be updated tomorrow sometime in the day. I'll let you know here


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