OpeneLEC not playing smooth videos 看全部

Hi guys, I have problem with OpeneLEC, videos which have FPS 23.976FPS is not smooth, that every some minutes the video is lagging for few seconds, I have set up refresh rate automatic and Adjust fram rate, in logs is 24hz and 23.976fps set, and stats saying no issue with CPU or something else. Interesting is that 25FPS videos is not doing that. What can I do please? thanks.

I have Orange Pi Lite.
  • Sofa thc013
  • 2018-3-18 01:35:56

wich codec

wich resolution

only fps says nothing
Sorry, every codec (avi, mkv, mp4) h265 too. Resolution 720p and 1080p.
Today I find out, that problem is it if I playing videos with subtitles.