Guías y Proyectos en Español para Orange Pi 看全部

Página 100% en castellano y con muchos proyectos y guías, lleva más de 2 años funcionando:

Más de 7000 visitas al mes avalan nuestro proyecto. Actualizaciones mensuales y contacto a través del formulario, intentamos resolver todas las dudas.

The projects can be easily translated into other languages with google translator. More than 7000 visits per month guarantee our project. Monthly updates and contact through the form, we try to solve all the doubts.

Therefore, I hereby apply for a test sample of the Orange Pi (Not 2, lite or plus2e, because i own this). If you need further information, please let me know.
Gracias & Thank you

  • 推荐 huantxo
  • 2018-3-28 06:30:24
I can confirm they do a great job in promoting the Orange Pi. I bought my OPi Plus 2E thanks to their webpage.
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I'd like to know Spanish, especially since I often have to translate some documents into Spanish. I turn to for help and can always count on a timely and accurate translation. But I'd also like to understand this a little bit. Therefore, I'll write this down on my list of goals for the next year. And I hope I'll speak and write in Spanish soon.