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zorgos 看全部
2018-4-3 06:54:12

Debian 3.4.112 (orange pi pc plus) offered for download does not provide kernel headers nor config file and i do not find a repository for that. On github there are some sources but it is mainly to create img and i am not sure if the right version of this kernel is 3.4.112 or 4.9 (said 4.9 is for pc plus...).

Questions: what sources were used to compile this kernel and how can i install or build linux-headers-3.4.112 in Debian 3.4.112 arm7l?


igorpec 看全部
2018-4-3 12:59:52
Armbian provides kernel headers by default.


If not installed go to armbian-config -> software -> install headers
zorgos 看全部
2018-4-7 11:56:00
Edited by zorgos at 2018-4-7 11:57

Thx for reply.

I know it is more easy with armbian but i am here to learn...

if like me you look after debian 3.4.112 kernel header, i made deb:

Not easy for a newbie but it is OK (just tested linux-headers_3.4.112_armhf.deb).
To load a new driver, need to add modprobe --force thedrivername

8bitbacon 看全部
2018-4-15 08:30:52
Is this thread for network headers as well.. like when you send http request and it says your os and stuff
zorgos 看全部
2018-4-16 23:41:15
No. HTTP headers are sent by the web server, not by the os.

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