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2018-4-17 05:11:38
Edited by bspi at 2018-4-17 12:17

I purchase PI 4G-IOT but I cannot seem to get it working,and I am trying to figure out if it's a hardware problem.
I connected the HDMI and connected power 2A 5V but screenstay black.
I try many options:
1.     Install Android according theinstruction.
2.     Remove J5jump.
Still no screen, Nothing on the display

Thank you for your reply.
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2018-4-18 14:50:17
Did you post on other Section? Why i remember i should have made some comments? You could first check whether the board is boot with power. When you connect with power, the red LED should be light, then long press the power button, the green LED should also light. There is not need to remove the J5 jump.
bspi 看全部
2018-4-18 16:38:05

I post only here
Here is picture with J5 jump connected
Still dark screen :-(
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2018-4-20 13:37:39
Same here
Struggling to get it to life for 2 days now, followed all the user manual's instructions how to flash, tried 2 different power supplies (5V, 3A), 2 HDMI monitors - no luck.
The board doesn't come alive, nothing in serial console/adb.
@admin Please provide detailed instructions on how to make it work, please also specify expected display resolution,
e.g. my monitors say that the board makes them go "Out of range"
andr2000 看全部
2018-4-20 14:02:34
@admin Could you please move this topic from "Cases" into some appropriate place, like "Troubleshooting" or the like
Thank you
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