Orange PI Zero Case 看全部

Edited by zuendy at 2018-4-19 16:02

I made a small case for basic orange pi zero incl. two more USB-Ports without extension board.

Pinout you will find here: USB Pinout incl Pictures for Orange Pi Zero
STL here: thingi (If you like, would it be great to click the heart ;) )

It's made for my 3D Printer (to use octoprint) and the other for mini-network-storage.

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Good job!
I bought the case sold by OrangePi and I have serious overheating problems...
I printed this one yesterday, and we'll see if it works well when I will have put a real heatsink.
I got some heatsink, but I'm wondering how to attach to the SoC... I have some thermal paste, but that won't glue the heatsink to the SoC...
The Orange PI Zero Case is a great addition to any 3D printer setup or mini-network-storage system. With its compact design and added USB ports, it's both functional and practical.  vegas airport renaming  If you're looking to enhance your orange pi zero, this case is definitely worth considering.