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2018-4-27 20:15:32
Hi, I want to build cluster with ubuntu server for my bioinformatics calculations and maybe for webserver.
I didn't o anything lke that earlier, so its some practice for me.

Here is what i have:
> 5x orange pi one plus (every opi with heatsinks)
> NAS expansion (for disk minissd or HDD)
> tp-link switch with 8 ports (tp-link tl-sf1008d, im afraid it will be to slow for this, but i can change it later)
> AC DC Power Adapter 5V / 10A Charger Transformer ( for Opi's)
    - with splitter
> 2 port usb charger for NAS and switch (cause of i cant find power supply for all of opis with switch and NAS - im bad at electronics)
> ethernet cables
> Adapters to power supply
Photo: https://ibb.co/iWkOOc

I have some questions about
- sd cards, every opi must have ubuntu server installed?
- NAS when i connect expansion with disk will it be visible to system without any actions in sys?

BiologyGeek 看全部
2018-5-31 18:47:36
Edited by BiologyGeek at 2018-5-31 20:08

cluster is working, but i need install mpich2 and some thiings and program it.
I had a problem with static ips now and i thinkin of better energy source.
Thing I wanna do is to check energy consumption of one node on maximum working and minimal

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2018-4-28 16:41:33
There are other post talked about cluster, like this: http://www.orangepi.org/orangepi ... p;highlight=cluster
I am not sure whether they could share their ideas with you or not.
Good luck!
Werner 看全部
2018-4-29 14:34:45
Just curios. When you check your /proc/loadavg is it actually lower than 3?
Sorry, this has actually nothing to do with your issue, but I am stuck with another problem described here and would appreciate if you could give this a quick check when the device has been idle for a while.

http://www.orangepi.org/orangepi ... o=lastpost#lastpost
BiologyGeek 看全部
2018-5-31 18:38:58


Werner replied at 2018-4-29 14:34
Just curios. When you check your /proc/loadavg is it actually lower than 3?
Sorry, this has actually ...

Im sorry i must check it. I answer now becouse i dont have time and i doing things with opis in free time

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