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I bought the game darwinia yesterday, as well as the other two games. I tried only Uplink and I thought the other games must be great as well.
That's the reason why I didn't try the demo of darwinia first.
So, now here is the problem:
When I lunch darwinia, everythings seems to be normal, but as soon as the planet appeares, the mouse cursor (those 4 white triangles with the red circle around it) starts to move down a bit. Then the camera follows it, slowly... and this doesn't stop. At the end, the cursor is at the bottom of the screen and the camera is rotating around it's own axis as fast as possible, while looking up to the fireball in the center of the planet.
When I hit the Escape Button, everything stops... I can now move the camera, when I click the right mouse button. But only as far as the screen allows me. When the cursor hits the edge of the screen, the camera stops as well.
I figured out that, to start a level, I have to move the normal cursor (those 4 triangles) to the "Garden"... I figured also out that that cursor should not move out of the center of the screen. And I really guess that my problem has something to do with the software which controles the cursor on the X-Window-System.
My system is btw. an AMD 64-bit processor, running Debian (testing) with Gnome.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.