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2018-5-7 16:51:22

I'm using a bipac 7800N and i am lost with the settings - I have an issue when gaming on the playstation 4 where I experience periods of high latency and packetloss, but only really experience them while the PS4 is connected and its rather regular when playing destiny and battlefield 4.
I have no idea what is causing this and think it maybe down to some setting in the router - It is pretty much at default settings bar giving the Ps4 a static IP using the fixed host option in the LAN configuration, I have also limited the DHCP IP range and given the PS4 a static IP outside of this range.
I have noticed that if I disable Upnp in the router applications still seem to receive ports via upnp also the playstation 4 still gets NAT TYPE 2 - I have no idea if the firewall is enabled can anyone point me to a correctly configured firewall screenshot?
I was wondering if some sort of QoS rules for the PS4 may help? Any QoS settings/suggestions are welcome.
I have no idea where to start with this issue.
one thing I have noticed is that I occasionally receive a message on the PS4 network test informing my that my router does not appear to support IP fragments <-- could this be an issue?

Any help will be apprecited.

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2022-9-13 21:29:27
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2023-8-26 18:58:25
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