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2018-5-17 17:59:51
i am creating one vpn server with openvpn, but it not works in opi raspbian, i cant create keys, this is the errors, i do an upgrade and update, install opnevpn and easy-rsa. but it not works

pkitool: KEY_CONFIG (set by the ./vars script) is pointing to the wrongversion of openssl.cnf: /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/openssl.cnf
The correct version should have a comment that says: easy-rsa version 2.x

igorpec 看全部
2018-5-17 19:05:30
mariopi 看全部
2018-5-17 19:22:13
thanks igorpec, solved with pivpn, not i have other problem and it was with auto boot, because inittab does not exit here, and not find solution in forum
mariopi 看全部
2018-5-17 23:18:33
solved with debian orangepipc distro in orangepi.org . in that distro inittab exist
Ytht4 看全部
2022-7-18 20:50:08
VPNs are great, specially NordVPN, they support the new VPN protocol faster than the usual openVPN protocol. But, you'd better try SmartDNS, you don't need to set up a complicated VPN, just change DNS servers and that's it. And I found this information in this review here: https://10best-vpn.com/vpn-for-sport

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