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Killefit 看全部
2018-6-10 16:08:17
I own an orange pi pc and use LibreELEC with it. Is it possible to make the Docker-Addon working?

The advantage would be like:

https://cwilko.github.io/home%20 ... Pi-Home-Server.html

I tried to compile the Docker-Addon but it says:

user@lenovo:~/LibreELEC_OPI$ PROJECT=H3 ARCH=arm scripts/create_addon docker
*** ERROR: service.system.docker: 'H3' not supported ***

Is it possible to compile the addon for orange pi LibreELEC? And how?
igorpec 看全部
2018-6-10 19:18:11
No, not possible. You need more recent kernel ... but there KODI does not work yet. It will soon: https://twitter.com/bootlincom/status/1005509009640706048

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