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gounthar 看全部
2018-6-13 05:22:21

I am already using two OrangePi Zero to build Docker images and do various OSS work (in link with the openSTF project).
I am trying to convince HypriotOS team to make a port of their OS to the Zero (which works pretty well under Armbian).
I am also using gitlab-ce for my continuous integration, and would like to make an optimized armv7l version port.
The main problem is the SDCard, which will die one of these days because of the heavy IO... So I will get the extension card to plug a disk in it... or use an USB powered hub to use an USB disk.

I am already publishing on DockerHub my images built with or for my OrangePis. If I manage to make an optimized version of the gitlab-ce runner for Arm, I will of course open source it.
A few Zero cards, an extension card for HDDs, or another board with the same proc and 1GB would be helpful... Even an SDCARD or stickers would be appreciated .


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igorpec 看全部
2018-6-13 12:49:37


I am trying to convince HypriotOS team to make a port of their OS to the Zero (which works pretty well under Armbian).

Why? Everything Docker-related works on Armbian out of the box, everything else is superior. If you are concerned about SD card, use overlay root which comes with Armbian (Xenial) by default ... but than you will need more memory. Get something with at least 1Gb of memory.
gounthar 看全部
2018-6-13 13:16:03
Because Docker and docker-compose come pre-installed. If my project with openSTF works, I will have lots of SD card to prepare, and having less command to enter before having the system up and running is pretty handy.
I also have an OrangePi One Plus with 1Gb of memory, but the H6 is not supported yet (but I have seen that there is some progress on it).
Thanks a lot for your work.
igorpec 看全部
2018-6-13 14:35:55


Because Docker and docker-compose come pre-installed.

Dropping higher quality and level of support for banality?


I will have lots of SD card to prepare

Then this feature is perfect for your use case. Prepare your own images ... and install docker bins on the way:

Opi One Plus with 1Gb looks better. H6 support in mainline is still months away while I won't even try to use stock kernel for this use case.

There is one more thing to pay attention. Larger boards are usually equipped not just with more memory but with a better/proper PMU which in practice means better performances, power efficiency and thermal dispersion. Here also a size of the board helps to cool them down faster.
gounthar 看全部
2018-6-13 18:43:49
Thanks a lot Igor. I am also waiting for my XU4 to arrive, and I think I will take a NanoPi Fire 3 too...
I gave a try at building Armbian and have failed for the time being...

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