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Andrey 看全部
2015-1-22 22:49:44
Hello Everyone. There is a great desire to make a fan site in Russian. Of course, with your permission, zhao_steven. Since I am the owner only Orange Pi. You would like to receive more photos mini and plus devices. I will write on the review for each device.

All good day!
OrangePiLinux 看全部
2015-4-22 18:12:48
Edited by OrangePiLinux at 2015-4-22 18:56

Андрей спасибо за новость. Только вот не понятно одно--если форум по Orange Pi--то почему там ветки создаются по продаже туалетной воды?

zhao_steven 看全部
2015-1-23 19:59:19
Hi Andrey,We can send you free  samples. You can apply for Orange Pi Series.
Andrey 看全部
2015-1-23 20:26:50
Edited by Andrey at 2015-1-23 21:36

I send letter to your email (zhao_steven@263.net)
zhao_steven 看全部
2015-1-25 08:07:55
OK,Thank you.
voldem 看全部
2015-2-25 18:36:26
Hi! Is also the owner of Orange Pi. Very interested in your fan site in Russian!
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