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HDMI auto-switching possible?

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Published in 2018-7-3 05:49:31 | Show all floors |Read mode
I want to use Orange Pi with an HDMI auto-switch so that everytime I programatically (through an application I will write) turn the HDMI output off, e.g. by putting the Orange Pi in low power stand by, the HDMI auto-switch will sense that this HDMI source is not active and the switch will switch to another source.
Is that possible, or is the Orange Pi an "always on" computer like Raspberry Pi?

I tried to do that with Raspberry Pi 3, but I failed. I understand from what I read that the Raspberry Pi is an "always-on" computer, so auto-sensing doesn't work with it - the HDMI port keeps appearing active even if I shut the RPi down, because the HDMI port is still powered. Only if I unplug the RPi from the power, or if I unplug the HDMI cable, only then the switch automatically switched to another source.

Thank you

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