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magicse 看全部
2015-8-28 00:06:31
android +kodi work on Op2 well
hasan 看全部
2015-8-28 16:00:49
i tried android + kodi but my stream is full hd and 15 Mbps because of this performance is not enought. i want to work on linux like rasberry pi.
magicse 看全部
2015-8-29 02:29:18
Edited by magicse at 2015-8-28 20:32

Me too ) and now we waiting for first part of GPU drivers from STEVEN..... or binaries for DIY build stack of drivers...

Or You could use old version r3p2-01rel1 source with binaries and try build it youself
campioncino 看全部
2016-1-17 11:58:18
there's no news about it?

Is still android the only system that allow wifi and kodi?
jernej 看全部
2016-1-17 23:29:47
Not at all. Check OpenELEC subforum.

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