XBMC on OrangePi 2 with Debian Jessy 看全部

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  • 2016-2-4 17:15:18
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http://www.orangepi.org/orangepi ... 1075&extra=page%3D1

i run the build on Opi plus, and there are issues:

- remote control through HDMI for LG TV does not work properly, only fiew keys work, but not that one as you want :-) for push button there is a totally different reaction on TV, that is only for few keys.
- WiFi does not connect to AP 1043 with OpenWrt WPA2, wired network works ok.
- no official repository is avaliable in build for OpenElec

Other functions looks OK, I have RPi2 and on OPI plus there is 4 times faster then on RPi2
quote: jernej replied at 2016-1-29 02:50
As you probably know, my implementation is using binary version of CedarX made by Allwinner. This i ...

@jernej If you are interested in a full open source implementation check this thread


It use a modified version of  libvdpau-sunxi to get HW aceleration on A10/A20 SOC without X11 server.

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  • 2016-2-10 05:25:50
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quote: CGarces replied at 2016-2-9 22:01
@jernej If you are interested in a full open source implementation check this thread

http://forum ...

I know this fork for some time, I actually reffer to it in the same post you replied to. While I like that it is completely open source I dislike the amount of changes to kernel and other libraries. I will play with this concept when I will have time.

Is there any chance to run Kodi on Debian Jessie or maybe Ubuntu? Is there any progress in this direction? Openelec works very good but I would have desktop and mediacenter on one SD card.