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apfel 看全部
2018-8-13 20:20:44

i want to use the I2C interface on the H5 board PC 2.
But i have to find out that the I2C drivers are not part of the image.
So this cannot be used and I2C is dead.

Where i can i get the missing drivers for your kernel 3.10.65 ?

I already tried to install the original kernel 3.16.0-4-arm64 of the Jessie-Distribution, but it does not boot.

apfel 看全部
2018-8-13 20:26:56
I am using Debian Desktop (updated:2017-05-12).

I tried today Raspbian Desktop (updated:2018-02-07), but it has the same kernel with the same missing drivers.
svensly 看全部
2018-8-13 21:02:40

try Armbian Linux. Best supported OS for Orange Pi:
igorpec 看全部
2018-8-14 02:35:53
... and here is how you manipulate hardware features, enable I2C, SPI, W1, ... https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Armbian-Config/
apfel 看全部
2018-8-14 16:08:34
Thank you for the Tip!
I will try it.

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