Please help with fan 看全部

I bought a fan for my Orange Pi Zero
. It is a 25x25mm .fan with a red wire and a black wire, 5V.
I want to use it to make air flow and reduce temperature. I want it to be all the time working.

I have connected it ro the 13 pin connector, in pins 1 (5V, red) and 2 GND (black). But it doesn't move.

Why it doesn't move? Do I have to activate those pins in some way?

Thank you!       
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  • 推荐 Werner
  • 2018-8-21 00:26:44
I looked at the schematics, but I do not think that there is some kind an activation circuit. But frankly no really clue, sorry.

It should not make any difference where you grab the 5v for the fan. If you can measure proper 5v and the fan does not want to start check the voltage once again while the fan is connected. Maybe it dropped because the fan needs too much current.
  • Sofa Werner
  • 2018-8-19 21:30:12
Did you check if there is proper voltage on these pins using a multimeter?
quote: Werner replied at 2018-8-19 21:30
Did you check if there is proper voltage on these pins using a multimeter?

Thank you so much for replying. No, I didn't check. I will. I supposed they were right as they are 5V in theory. Do you mean they may not give 5V?

The expansion board connected seemed to work, though. So I suppose they do.

I am also thinking if it would be better to connect it to the usb port 5v and GND. Do you think it may be better? That way when the Pi activates the port, it will turn on.

Or should I connect to GPIO? I saw some people do that but the tutorials differ and saw none specific to Opi Zero.

Thank you. I will try and see what is happening.