Orange Pi 3G-IOT-B for linux 看全部

i found only Android firmware for Pi 3G-IOT-B.
Is there any plan to support linux server firmware?

  • 推荐 arxaios
  • 2019-10-9 19:14:27
No not at all ... ! This is only for China use. They launch the hardware before the software and the software support is forgotten .! !!!!!!!!
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If you have had any progress on installing Linux on the Orange Pi 3G IOT B, could you add a comment at please?

We would really appreciate your help
You could try searching online forums and communities dedicated to the Pi 3G-IOT-B or similar devices to see if anyone has had success with this. Keep in mind that installing unofficial firmware or manually installing an operating system can come with risks and may void any warranties, so proceed with caution. rankdle